Trump's planned reduction in refugees

The country most vunerable to Trump's proposed refugee limit is not on the travel ban list.

March, 2017
Looking at Trump's travel ban

Comparing countries affected by the ban and those recently tied to domestic terrorist attacks.

February, 2017
Inauguration Live

A live look at the inaugural parade route updated with reporter Instagram photos and videos.

January, 2017
Voter turnout

Comparing portions of the population who have historically shown up to the polls.

November, 2016
Road to 270

A visualization of the latest AP election analysis in the race for the White House.

August, 2016
Women making history

Comparing Clinton’s career milestones along with other female political firsts.

July, 2016
Candidate ad spending

A visualization of what each candidate spent on election advertising.

July, 2016
Ramadi in ruins

A photo essay examining how the city of Ramadi was destroyed by IS occupation.

May 2016
What happens in a contested convention

At one point in the election cycle, there was a chance of a contested convention.

April, 2016
Child sex abuse in the military

An investigation into sex crimes committed by members of the military.

November, 2015
Betrayed by the badge

A three-day interactive series about sex crimes committed by law enforcement officers.

October, 2015
Twin addiction

An interactive detailing the story of twin sisters battling drug addiction.

Sept, 2015
The New New Orleans

An interactive on the rise of the 'New' New Orleans ten years after Hurricane Katrina.

August, 2015
Candidate tracker

The 2016 election cycle saw upwards of 20+ candidates early on.

July, 2015
Field guide

A reader-friendly guide to the 2016 election candidates.

July, 2015
Data breaches

An interactive summarizing recent, frequent data breaches

December, 2014
Election forecast

An interactive forecast for midterm House and Senate races.

July, 2016
Brooklyn Medicare web

A look visualization tracking Medicare dollars and referrals among a network of Brooklyn doctors.

May, 2014
Fugtivies next door

An investigation into the number of criminals escaping warrants simply by crossing a state line.

July, 2016


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